Towards the chicken of the future:
Our research hopes to improve the overall health of the modern broiler chicken
Understanding what selective breeding has done to the detailed anatomy of broilers and how this has affected their functional abilities is pivotal to any solution to the two related crises of leg and lung health in broilers.
About us

The Royal Veterinary College and The University of Manchester have a group of researchers (found here) dedicated to answering why almost 30% of our broiler chicken population (800 million bred for human consumption in the UK alone) develop some form of lameness, as well as suffering from heart and lung problems.

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Chickens in the Newsroom (Press/Media)

27 May 2014: New research grant awarded to Prof. John R. Hutchinson and Heather Paxton via RVC’s Concept Development Partnership with Cobb Europe Ltd., to continue our research on simulating chicken locomotion!

27 May 2014: “Chicken project gets off the ground” by Ewen Callaway at Nature News; Prof. John Hutchinson from our team is quoted at the end.

16 May 2014: Our “Towards the Chicken of the Future” symposium’s related public engagement event, “Night at the Vet College” has drawn rave reviews from Poultry International! A flashier industry version of the story is here, but without the video links and some detail.

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