Broiler update! April 2013

As the broiler chicken research project progresses at the Royal Veterinary College and University of Manchester, the first publications are nearing!  We are  producing a detailed record of how broiler chicken anatomy changes over their short but rapid period of development (from hatch to adult takes just 6 weeks!). There are lots of interesting findings to report, from how the limbs develop to changes in the breathing muscles and bones as the birds grow. Watch this space!

It is also an exciting time in the lab as we prepare new experiments. In Manchester, we will be using gas analysis to discover the energy that growing broilers expend as they go about their normal activity patterns. Measurements conducted in 2012 suggest that interesting things happen to energy expenditure as the birds grow, potentially inspiring new ways of improving welfare standards. We aim to produce more detailed insight into how metabolism changes during growth, and what this means for the essential physiological functions of the birds.



Shown in the photo is our gas analysis setup that we use in Manchester to take measurements of broiler oxygen consumption (using the “Oxzilla II”: bottom of picture) and carbon dioxide production (with the “CA-10a”: top box in the picture), enabling calculation of energy consumption. The birds stand or sit inside a transparent box, and the machine measures how much oxygen they consume from inside that box.





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