Dr Heather Paxton

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Structure & Motion Laboratory, supervised by John Hutchinson.   My current research looks at the linkages between body conformation, locomotor and ventilatory mechanics, as well as metabolic energy costs, during ontogeny in broiler chickens.

I graduated in 2004 from the University of Reading with a BSc in Animal Science, after undertaking a research project looking at regional variation in the microhardness and mineralization of vertebrae from brown and rainbow trout.

I proceeded to spend two years teaching at agricultural college in the animal management and vet nursing department. I went on to do an MSc in Wild Animal Biology with the Institute of Zoology and RVC in 2006/07. As part of my final research project for the MSc, I worked with the Structure & Motion Lab looking at the locomotor kinematics of Asian elephants.

In 2009 I completed my PhD entitled “Locomotor design constraints and musculoskeletal compromises in broiler chickens” supervised by John Hutchinson and Sandra Corr, as a BBSRC CASE studentship award with industrial sponsor Cobb-Vantress Inc., and then went straight into my current postdoctoral research post at the RVC.