Chickens in the Newsroom (Press/Media)

27 May 2014: New research grant awarded to Prof. John R. Hutchinson and Heather Paxton via RVC’s Concept Development Partnership with Cobb Europe Ltd., to continue our research on simulating chicken locomotion!

27 May 2014: “Chicken project gets off the ground” by Ewen Callaway at Nature News; Prof. John Hutchinson from our team is quoted at the end.

16 May 2014: Our “Towards the Chicken of the Future” symposium’s related public engagement event, “Night at the Vet College” has drawn rave reviews from Poultry International! A flashier industry version of the story is here, but without the video links and some detail.

23-25 April 2014: We’ll blog about our  successful conference and public event soon, in more detail! It was a lot of fun and a lot of work!

19 September, 2013: Zoo/farm science writer Sören Schewe has translated his original German blog post on our chicken research into an English format, explaining why our work is important. Thanks Sören!

15 May, 2013: Blog entry on -“A Chance Encounter with Darwin’s Chickens. And Cake.” (at times silly, but about chicken breeds and anatomy)

24 April, 2013: PI John Hutchinson’s team published a somewhat chicken-related study in the journal Nature which is getting some good coverage- see the paper here, a research blog about it here, and science writer Ed Yong’s take on it here. The study, which focused on how changes in body shape caused the locomotion of dinosaurs to evolve into the unusual crouched gait used by birds today, included computer models of junglefowl– the ancestral wild chicken.

12 April, 2013: Blog entry on – a review of the recent art/science book “The Unfeathered Bird”, which details avian anatomy and includes some excellent coverage of chicken anatomy. Check it out— and look forward to the author’s next book, which reportedly will dive into the issue of anatomy in domestic vs. wild animals in more detail!

8 April, 2013: Our funders, the BBSRC, promoted our blog on their website. Thanks!

22 June, 2012: Blog entry on – “Chicken Hearts, Meat and Myopathies” (teaser about our research)

11 July, 2011: Research News story at the RVC – “Towards the Chicken of the Future: Biomechanical Compromises and Constraints on Locomotion and Breathing in Broiler Chickens” (grant announcement)

A 2-week old chicken takes a stroll during one of our gait analysis experiments at the RVC.
A 2-week old chicken takes a stroll during one of our gait analysis experiments at the RVC. Reflective markers registered by our motion capture system reveal how the “stroll” works.